Test for BVD with TypiFix-S

1st July 2016

On the recent introduction of compulsory testing for BVD within Northern Ireland TypiFix-S provides a reliable and easy to use solution for sampling.

With years of experience in animal identification projects throughout Europe TypiFix-S offers a straightforward SINGLE step tagging and sampling procedure yielding a reliable sample success rate of >99.7%. The tag, moulded in one piece has a waterproof sample container and generous supply of desiccant guaranteeing the tissue sample taken is credibly preserved for BVDv analysis and, if needed, Genotyping. It is the unique features of the sample container on TypiFix-S that enable samples taken to be stored at ambient temperatures on farm prior to laboratory analysis, i.e. there is no need for refrigeration. Additionally the larger size of the container helps safeguard against potential sample losses after tagging and further enables the official animal numbers to be printed in an easily readable format. In essence TypiFix-S is farmer friendly, fast and convenient to use!

For further information on TypiFix-S or the BVD programme please call us on 028 20761760.

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